Changi City Point

Floorworks Luxury Vinyl Plank ( Color CDC 307 ) are extensively used in the retail mall corridor and common walkway. It gives a modern feel to the commercial building that is being constructed in the midst of an industrial area.

Hotel 81 at Bencoleen

Floorworks Luxury Wood Planks ( Color V3033 ) are used in the rooms and walkway of the hotel. The ease of cleaning and anti-slip properties have made the floor the preferred choice of flooring among others.

Dormitory at Tuas

Hanwha Deluxe Tiles ( Color 1102 ) are used in all the rooms of the workers quarter. The product is cost effective and the flooring creates warmth through its color and design. The tile can be easily replaced if damaged and are comfortable to walk on barefoot.

Bio-Rad at Kaki Bukit

Gerflor Ambiance HD ( Color 2060 and 2053 ) are used in the production and laboratory area. The homogeneous sheet has a non-directional design and offers 26 colorways. It has good abrasion and chemical resistance. In addition, it also possess bacteriostatic,fungistatic and anti-static properties. Aesthetically and functional, Ambiance HD provides the choice floor solution.

Equarius Hotel at RWS

Tajima P.Sesame( Color KS 211 ) are used in the hotel office area. The subtle and elegant design of the Japanese flooring are selected to meet the color design scheme.


Gerflor Mipolam 150 ( Color 303 ) are used in schools for the classrooms and other area. The flooring is value for money in meeting the requirement for sound insulation and long lasting design.

Law Academy at Choa Chu Kang

Decorative laminates ( Color FH 421T )

Esparina Condominium

Mirage decorative laminates ( Color P 3826T )